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Product Features

KF-AC-10L can remove the oil dust and residual wax on the surface of aluminum alloy workpiece effectively. It clean the surface unevenness, and to polish the workpiece in low temperature. KF-AC-10L uses well in de-oiling of architecture aluminum profile, in de-waxing of industrial workpiece, and in degreasing of machine-polishing workpiece. Besides, KF-AC-10L saves a lot amount of treatment cost.


  1. Economical investment
    Adapt in general PVC tank, tap water, and normal temperature.
  2. High efficiency
    Clean the oil, wax, or polishing oil thoroughly.
    Enhance the shining of metal and show the polishing surface.
  3. Low cost
    Replace the three-in-one tank.
    Cost is much lower than traditional alkaline-etching process.
  4. Easy maintenance
    Adding when consumption 5 tons of profile.
    Tank solution is stable and no need to adjust.
  5. Broad use
    May apply in many types of material, such as pure aluminum alloy or mixed aluminum alloy, especially it removes the white spots which often appear in mixed aluminum alloy treatment.

Operating Conditions

Time: 1 – 4 minutes
Total acid: 85 – 105 g/l
Consumption: 5 Kg/ per ton of workpiece


CE & ISO 9001:2008 Certification