About Us

Established in 1993, Worldclean Industrial Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of aluminum anodizing (anodic oxidation) and surface finish turnkey plant engineering, which integrates civil engineering, mechanical engineering, instrument control, electricity and industrially chemical technique in Taiwan . Worldclean gathers a group of senior professional technicians and talented managers in those fields, providing not only equipment but a wide range of supplies, such as process design, equipment manufacture/installation and test performance, according to customer's exact requirement. Moreover, "Quality is essential, customer is first" is Worldclean's principle. With specialized and abundant experiences, Worldclean is capable of designing various different projects to meet every client's need.

Worldclean is experienced in offering turnkey solutions for

The wide range of application varies from architectural and furniture anodized profile to most up-to-date electronic products (e.g. mp3 players, digital cameras, cell phones, PC, notebook, etc).Worldclean is aware that most of anodizing factories can purchase good equipments, but some of them can not operate well as they expected because their vendors sell only equipment but they don't care and don't know how to integrate the whole system. Worldclean solves this problem by its R&D, transferring technique and workmanship to deliver high efficiency and excellent quality to clients.

Process Design and Planning

Worldclean carries out comprehensive survey of owner's standpoint and possibility and delivers not only high quality machinery but professional and specialized turnkey plant design. This special performance enhances smooth process and save clients' time and money.

Equipment Integration

Through many years of turnkey experience in continuous technique R&D, single and separate equipment can be integrated systematically to increase efficiency and top quality. Moreover, Worldclean emphasizes operating technique transfer and complete state-of-art transfer.

Quality Guaranty

Worldclean is an accredited ISO9001 company since year 2002 to satisfy customer demand, advanced technology and excellent management.

Special Technique and Experience

Worldclean is a specialized and experienced metal processing surface treatment supplier that ensures customer's trust.

CE & ISO 9001:2008 Certification